The Tagline Group launches the country’s first virtual events and activations platform in Full 3D

When the coronavirus brought the world to a screeching halt in early March of this year, the live event industry’s prospects suddenly appeared uncertain. The limit on face-to-face interactions and the strict protocols on mass gatherings brought about an effect that was far too great for its stakeholders to bear. Many upcoming scheduled events were inevitably postponed or canceled and the lack of economic activity thereby forced the events agencies to conduct cost-cutting measures in their operations.

Armed with an innovative mindset, The Tagline Group set out to secure a safer place to craft brand experiences and consumer engagements that are an essential part of the marketing strategies of the country’s economic drivers to help stimulate market performances and increase revenue.

On June 30, 2020, we unveiled the country’s first Virtual Events and Activations Platform (VEAP): a low-touch, immersive digital space for events and activations, complemented by 2D & 3D presentation technology and a pioneering solution that inspired the industry to rethink the possibilities for multi-dimensional brand experiences.

We opened the pilot test run among 200 of our agencies’ clients and partners who got first dibs in touring the VEAP space. The tour commenced with the actual simulation of a virtual engagement in a stylized 3-dimensional environment uniquely utilizing avatars of clients’ likeness navigating open booth spaces and discovering activities anchored on gaming, music, videos and content sharing – actions that were aimed to inspire ideas for future integration in their respective brand activation efforts.

To close out on the experience, clients where encouraged to attend the simulation of a hybrid event hosted by James Deakin. We knew Zoom burnout was real and that hybrid was the future, and so we demonstrated our 2D and 3D streaming innovation for virtual events to provide clients with an extra bounce to their step on the virtual stage via thematic overlays, augmented reality and creative camera work.

Inquire now for the VEAP. Whether it be for the simplest or the most complex of set ups for brand activations. Or the most intimate gathering of virtual attendees up to a large-scale online community marketing event in 2D or full 3D, let online be your new playground for your next customer engagement!