St. Peter Life Plan Ad Campaign Rises Well Above-Ground


St. Peter Life Plan intends to strengthen its foothold as the country’s leader in the Pre-Need Memorial Life Plan business. And so in a country where insurance spending is mostly absent from one’s list of priorities, how else would it better sell deathcare in larger quantities where death is considered a morbid topic that is better left off from thought and family discussions?


Create brand awareness and build stronger focus on the deathcare benefits provided by St. Peter’s Life Plan.


Differentiate the brand beyond the usual seriousness and traditional advertising produced for the category by integrating a semblance of wit and humor to leave deeper brand recall among the target audience.


In the country, visiting families and friends of a dearly departed would often say “parang natutulog lang'' while looking at the body of the deceased. This Filipino saying within the confines of a funeral chapel or parlor evokes love and respect for the dead. It is also the standard by which the funeral service is measured. Using this as the creative insight to help strengthen the claim for world-class service, Tagline developed a 15-second TVC that injected elegance, the glossy feel of cosmetics plus wit and a bit of shock value to get its message across. Finally, a TVC ad like no other.

The “Parang Natutulog Lang” campaign was supplemented with a simple and elegant print ad and with aggressive on-ground support on all-souls day featuring pink caskets spread across cemeteries nationwide. These pink caskets serving as photo booths provided the means for the brand to address a subject that is sensitive in nature and often eluded by the public: the importance of living life to the fullest while taking heed of life’s eventualities such as death.