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Hey! Communications and Binary Digital Advertising Launch Bicol’s First Mobile Banking App

The Rural Bank of Guinobatan, Inc. is a strongly-entrenched player in the local banking industry in the Bicol Region particularly in the Province of Albay. The province, however, is home to several other rural, cooperative, thrift and commercial banks vying for a share of their market through various financial programs. While all of the universal institutions in the area have developed an app and POS for mobile banking transactions, the rural banking sector which services majority of the backyard industries and registered small to medium-sized enterprises have yet fully realize the digitalization of their services in their role as economic catalysts in the countryside.

In answering the call of the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas for rural banks to serve as conduits of government aid in the countryside, the Rural Bank of Guinobatan developed it’s very own mobile banking app and POS to spark economic empowerment among the rural communities in Albay and the rest of Bicolandia. But how do you launch and entice an aging market who are more intimidated than welcoming of mobile banking solutions?

Tapping into the insight that the simplicity of one’s dreams for success are better understood by those closest to you, Hey! Communications defined the product’s role as the only local banking solution that speaks the language and simple dreams of the rural folk and therefore, would be in a better position to understand them and their needs. Aptly naming the mobile banking app and POS as “Asenso” to reflect the end aspiration of people in the rural communities, RBGI puts mobile banking innovation for financial programs and value-added services in their hands so they can be empowered to achieve their dreams and transform their lives.

Paolo Honrado, President and CEO of the Rural Bank of Guinobatan shares, “The Asenso App features are not limited to the rural communities in Albay or Bicol as we plan to steamroll our program and share our network in other regions as soon as possible”.

The life transforming-inspired campaign was aggressively launched across the region in a mix of OOH, ambient, radio and on-ground efforts, and with massive advertising support across the digital platform as strategically planned by Binary Digital Advertising.