Oncuemedia, Inc. Spearheads Stories of Hope in Quarantine with Quarancine: Movies Made on Lockdown

More than 8 months ago, our lives were thrust into forced isolation and social distancing restrictions by what has become the greatest challenge of our times: the Covid-19 pandemic.

It was during the early phase of the lockdown that the men and women of Oncuemedia, Inc., a brand experience agency, identified the role mobile phones would play for society to better adapt to this pandemic times. People clamored for great content to make sense of life in quarantine and the world was watching out for authenticity – an opportunity by which people and brands would be able to demonstrate genuine interest in society’s well-being.

Quarancine was developed to stimulate creative production for fun, meaningful and inspiring content in these critical times. And in the firm belief that talents and visions can’t be suppressed even by lockdowns.

Launched in August of this year on social media, the program immediately garnered hundreds of inquiries from storytellers around the country.

3 of the country’s esteemed filmmakers, AB Garcia, Mae Cruz-Alviar and Raymond Red, were invited to conduct virtual workshops to help improve film-making techniques so participants can best tell their stories in moving picture format using their own mobile phones.

10 films were chosen out of more than a hundred entries submitted in quarancine.com and after 2 weeks of fan-voting and further screening from the judges, the top 3 entries were declared in a virtual announcement of winners. These top 3 films are now among several films that will be featured at the 10th International Film Festival Manhattan.


by Melchor Borja

by Jonnie Lyn Dasalla

by Ruka Azuma