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Rolling Out an Alternative Means
for Hospital Detailing


Tight hospital regulations and the strict implementation of the milk code placed severe restrictions in the entry of medical delegates in hospital grounds thereby putting a billion-peso brand at risk of losing a chunk of its business.


Create an on-ground campaign to help increase awareness, message appreciation & believability among pediatricians for the NAN range of products.


Bring the science of the brand closer to the doctor’s doorstep and present them with a reason to step out of the comforts of their clinics.


The Nestle NAN iBus — the first-of-its-kind, OUT-OF-THE-CLINIC DETAILING SOLUTION IN THE COUNTRY that provided ease and comfort, entertainment and education for specialized yet cost-efficient medical delegate - doctor engagements.

We rolled the iBus into their hospitals complete with air-conditioned and comfortable interiors with welcome drinks and Nestle treats for starters. Along with this, we introduced state-of-the-art gaming and detailing technology (changed every quarter) for interactive presentations and sharing. All these, a rational cause for them to leave the cool comfort of their clinics to once again listen to the message of the products under the NAN brand.


3,914 pediatricians engaged in 6 months versus 1,200 pediatricians engaged with regular RTDs on the same period.

PHP 200M+ Average Increase in Sales for NAN HW and NAN Pro.

Winner of Battle Honors competition in Vevey, Switzerland among other Nestle Engagements across the globe.