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Unsettling Can’t Do-Mindsets
in an Unconventional Convention


One Johnson & Johnson Philippines was coming off a very challenging 2017. Wary of the dangers and threat of a much competitive landscape the company wanted to address internal issues that held them from achieving their goals in order to improve themselves for a win in 2018.


Develop a theme for an event that would inspire the employees to advance their executional capabilities beyond the measure of excellence.


Lobby TVs were utilized to introduce personalities from rank & file who were shown in better versions of themselves besides their established characters in their day jobs.

We converted walkways to the various buildings into a race track and challenged the employees to record-break their usual time going from one building to the next.

Banners featuring other employees and some members of the leadership team were installed to further inspire the can-do attitude among their peers.

Toilet mirrors, glass doors and conference room glass wall panels were attached with sticker quotes for them to stand against and be photographed for instagrammable posts.

Innovations to the program involved overturning schedules and conducting a glamorous awards program, usually held at night, in the morning and the plenary discussions in the afternoon. Even the stage design was set with uneven edges to follow the never settle theme.

Speaking engagements of the leadership team were anchored on the J&J Credo – a move to bring the attention of the employees back to their guiding philosophy.


Overall, the program generated an overall satisfaction rating of 94% with the message, most importantly, resonating well into the 100% mark.


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