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AirAsia #HowIFly

The prevalence of seat sales by low-cost carriers has made travel more accessible to Filipinos, yet with this in mind, many tourists leave behind a footprint that negatively impacts the environment and cultures that they have visited. In promoting a more positive way of travelling, AirAsia created the #HowIFly campaign, an influencer-driven educational initiative that aims to help travelers realize their impact on the places they visit.

The project includes the onboarding of prominent travel and lifestyle personalities, the production of videos that showcase best practices for responsible travel around the country, and a kick-off event to premiere the influencer videos and launch the campaign.

In turn, #HowIFly was a success, gaining national media mileage for its launch event, significant Facebook impressions and engagements for its influencer video series, bringing the idea of responsible travel into the Filipino social media consciousness.