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Makes Buzz with Five Seconds Advertising’s Freebees PH!

There is no doubt about the merits product sampling can bring as a marketing initiative. Sampling significantly boosts sales especially for a new product, helps increase awareness of new brands and products, opens opportunities for one-on-one conversations with prospective consumers and even generates quick feedback on product quality.

But the emergence of a worldwide pandemic put a stop to traditional in-store and on-ground sampling to make way for safety protocols while forcing brands to re-imagine alternative means to market their products to consumers.

Committed to help brands stand-out from the clutter in the new norm era, Five Seconds Advertising developed an alternative sampling solution that gives brands the chance to strengthen engagements through interactive marketing promotions and empower these brands to build relationships, create action enable continuous engagement with the market, and reward brand loyalty with multiple communities online.

Welcome, FreebeesPH and the new era of product sampling!

FreebeesPH is a digital hive — a website — where freebie lovers may swarm around and complete tasks which will earn them the sweetest things in life: freebies!

Through various approaches, FreebeesPH aims to translate BTL efforts such as activations, sampling and on-ground detailing to creative and innovative digital executions — delivering the same immersive and exciting experience an on-ground sampling activation provides, but this time, virtually and online through fun games, surveys, live shows, raffle draws and other interactive virtual activities. A few of which would be the following:

Bee Mart - the hive’s marketplace which will feature the products available in the hive, targeted based on each brand’s market profile.

Bee Says - know more about your market and what they say through branded surveys.

Live Hive - an space where the brand’s fans swarm to watch branded live shows.

Bees Watch - an area where you a brand may feature 15-60 seconder tvcs/videos.

All these activities in the hive entitle the market to a special freebie/s or sample product/s, packed and delivered directly to their doorsteps.

Additional mileage is also provided for brands who sign up to the program as the FreebeesPH website features various ad spaces all over the hive. Brand presence will be also be amplified on different social media sites through FreebeesPH’s official social media accounts.

Visit or Free-Bees Philippines on Facebook for more details.


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