AirAsia Create Camp

AirAsia, the world's best low-cost airline for 11 consecutive years has pioneered different forms of social media content. This includes partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who have created brand narratives that communicate the airline as an enabler of travel stories for everyone. As the social media landscape shifts towards video-driven content, Binary Digital saw an opportunity to latch onto this change, coming up with the AirAsia Create Camp: the Philippines' First Social Media Reality Show.

The project is aimed at encouraging regular travelers to become storytellers, seen through the lens of local, immersive travel with a purpose. In making this happen, the agency tapped prominent travel content creators to amplify our message, creating a series of webisodes that show their unique experiences in various parts of the Philippines. Two event efforts also supported the campaign, including a "Send Off" for our content creators, as well as a "Grand Finale" to announce the winner.

As a result, our videos generated a total of 4.3 million organic views, while the Grand Finale itself became a venue to launch new international destinations for AirAsia.