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Globe Coach to Grow

Developed in the 1980s, the GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Way-forward) model of management is a goal setting method ubiquitous among corporate organizations who want to foster their employees. Building on this model, the Coach2Grow app sought to digitize and gamify this process for the Sales Academy & People Engagement department of Globe Telecom. In the app, users can sign in either as a coach or coachee, and access features such as the setting of KPIs, push notifications for urgent deliverables, tracking of compliance, and an employee leaderboard that incentivizes active participation.

The initiative thus transformed the manual company process, which previously bore the risk of entry duplication, data falsification, and inefficient documentation. Concrete results were also seen, raising the number of users up to 2,000 (from a mere 500), and achieving 100% compliance on all employees in the department. As such, Globe Telecom has planned to roll out the Coach2Grow app in other company departments.