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You’re Welcome! We hope you
had A Day #LikeNoOther


There are times in our lives, especially in today’s fast-moving world, when some days simply won’t come our way. On some days, we find ourselves overwhelmed with the piles of work that have yet to be done. On most days here in the country, we are subjected to “carmageddon” on our way home from work which oftentimes result to a missed dinner, and a few precious hours of bonding, with the family.


How can we turn a subscriber’s ordinary day into one as positively unforgettable for them as a day #LikeNoOther?


Online, Globe launched as a platform on which thousands of loyal subscribers were encouraged to unlock codes for online shopping discounts in Lazada or Zalora, free fare for the ride-hailing platform Grab or free passes in the movie streaming sites of Marvel Unlimited or Viu. The more codes unlocked, the closer everyone gets to experience a day #LikeNoOther. On-ground, we reserved 4 weekends in the month of November 2018 to launch 4 days of giving back and showing everyone how much love and gratitude Globe Telecom has for its loyal subscribers.


12,000 codes individually unlocked for online shopping discounts and free passes

400 happy commuters / 800 delighted moviegoers / 250 thrilled shoppers / Chill “Fridate” of music and dance with a crowd of 4,000++

Impressions worth P30M


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