Now, more than ever, people specifically look for content they know, and content that provides consolation against the stress and concerns caused by the pandemic. This presents an opportunity for your brands to touch segments of captured market on social media through programs that specifically provide a sense of normalcy in their lives in these Covid times.

Get in touch with us and let’s create something for you!

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Virtual Run : Fitness Never Stops!

Virtual Run is a program that enables companies and brands to set up a fun run with the complete experience from gun start to finish at a pace, time, date, and location convenient to the participants.

Mount a run for a charity or for any advocacy of your choice. Sponsor a run to provide for both race and finisher kits. Announcement posts and social media updates also provide branding opportunities for you!

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Quarancine: Movies Made on Lockdown

Quarancine is mobile film-making competition for 5 to 10-minute shorts produced during this quarantine period with an aim to stimulate creative production for meaningful, fun and inspiring content especially in these pandemic times. Take a step with us to bring forth stories of hope with a wide array of opportunities for your brand. Visit for details.

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