we are tagline

We were one of the few companies to have first engaged you when the words social & experiential were simply new creative & strategic concepts in the old, local marketing mix. We moved you — disrupted your day, connected you with friends, family, brands or advocacies — once, twice, perhaps countless more times — in ways we did with countless other people who like you have transformed us into what we are today.

The world has evolved. And in these era where stronger connections among people, and between people and brands or advocacies require greater disruptive experiences, so have we.

Our expertise, therefore, is not just based not on yesterday’s past for up until today, we make sure we touch base with present norms, ambitions, cultures, attitudes and data.

Our brand of engagement has been built around impressive talent focused on stimulating creative insights, developing strategic solutions & producing excellent executions to influence relevant connections for people and produce remarkable results for our partner brands.

We have integrated ourselves to expertly provide the most accurate and efficient means to get messages across with the strongest possible impact so we can stay true to the very essence of our business…

...to inspire positive action between people, brands and the demanding world around us. So we can genuinely connect the dots for brands and people alike to celebrate stronger, more MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS

Welcome to the Tagline Group of Companies!

Jovito Rabelas, Founder & CEO Tagline Group of Companies.